EA083 - Disclosure and a New Wave


Hello Son,

Disclosure and a new wave

This preannouncement of disclosure is causing a new wave of excitement and positivity around the world. We advise you at this time to take advantage of this energy and contemplate.

Disclosure is happening as you read these words and soon will filter through to the rest of the planet, be rest assured victory has been assured. There are many who have questions in their hearts about the current changes to take place.

As a formal announcement is made, sweeping changes will be made very quickly. The biggest source of negativity and worry around the world is the financial plight of so many of you, living challenging circumstances that have not changed for many years.

Do not worry about money, this year a debt forgiveness program will come into operation and the slate will be wiped clean. A new financial program will come into operation called NESARA; it is advisable that you research this on the internet.

Until then be mindful how you spend your money and be not wasteful, think also of people who in third world countries are unable to have a meal a day. This is the time to pray for mankind and those who are totally unaware of the excitement at this time and those who will never adjust to these changes.

Be thankful that disclosure is happening during your lifetime and you will witness a new revolutionary change around the world because of you. It is you who have made this happen; by retuning and willing these moments to happen have made it possible.

Support and educate each other at this time and advise anybody who needs help. Your energies are reaching their peak and the ripple you are causing will be felt around your neighbourhood; whether they know it or not.

Let peace and belief take over your heart as you watch the year of excitement and relief happen.

We too are thankful and have addressed your prayers in your hearts.

Your mother on further announcements that disclosure is happening.