EA082 - Physical Cleansing


Hello Son,

Physical cleansing

During this year, for some of you an illness may occur. Let me explain why this is.

The atmosphere has been polluted for many years and during that time it has permeated into the cells and adhered to them. To cleanse your bodies some of you may become ill as a result. The illness is a blessing because it is coming out of your bodies.

We can also describe it another way and that is the negative energies manifested are coming out, to be replaced with positivity. When this change occurs the illnesses will be gone.

This year before ascension all these deep rooted negative emotions that have physically manifested inside your bodies will be cleansed forever. Be assured the Creator is with you through these difficult times.

HOWEVER, this is not true for all of you. You are all different and being cleansed in different ways, to eventually match the fifth dimensional frequency. So be patient and be patient again for loved and family ones who are ill.

Your mother, who too went through her own cleansing and treatment before departing into the higher realms of consciousness.