EA081 - The Truth


Hello Son,

The truth

For so long the writer of these words has guided you and will continue to guide you, no matter what. He has been selected from millions of souls amongst yourselves; through personal difficulty or not the words will continue to flow from his higher consciousness. Keep in touch with him, there is no one that carries the same burden, so do not doubt his credentials.

The truth of these words are from the highest consciousness, the God consciousness, the writer does not make mistakes.

The Creator wishes to add that due to free will some things will not come to plan, it’s because YOU lack the belief. Remember it is your collective consciousness that is making the world as it is. However, the Creator admires your courage through these emotional times, but asks you all to WILL the changes of disclosure.

All of you reading these words can have a greater say on the changes right now. We can write a million words about the benefit of moving into the fifth dimension, but you already know.

I the Creator through Shazi suggest you all to spend a moment in silence and a prayer for the changes to happen. In return as your Creator, I will amplify your prayers a million times. This will cause a ripple to speed through the planet and into the hearts of millions of other people who wish the same.

My dear children, I have watched you grow from a tiny foetus into the shining star that you have all become. I will not forsake you now, say a prayer and keep continuing to raise your vibrations to match mine.

Yes, you can all match my own consciousness and communicate with me, when you are ready to do so. This is possible through these words that you read, they are mighty in weight.

I will leave you now knowing soon you will rejoice in the good news that is to follow.

Your Creator through Ascended Master Saida Khatoon and Shazi, we give you these messages new and old. Please give thanks to those people who have taught you or shown you the path of enlightenment and they too need your prayers.