EA080 - No Distractions


Hello Son,

No distractions

Behind the scenes there is a lot of negotiations going on for disclosure to take place; but do not let this distract you. We remind you that to proceed to the fifth dimensional realm, we have to match these frequencies. It is advisable to carry on as normal by meditating and working with your own environment.

There will be disruption to the channelling as internet connections will be halted to stop people from communicating with each other, including this one too. But this will give space to you all to think and plan things for yourselves.

It is important that you all grow spiritually by doing the things which you are all doing so well.

Chaos in the political world will still continue as power hungry countries will try to hold on to their throne. This is doomed to failure as 2012 is the year of changes and the end of suffering.

We assure you that changes in economical, political and social are taking place, but do to the stubbornness of the dark lords still left and their control of the media, news is taking a little time to filter through.

They are panicking as they sweat from one idea to another, but they are all doomed to failure. Success is assured to mankind and this will be in phases.

We repeat our main message that let their be no distractions to your own personal spiritual growth and do not let disappointments drag you down. We are aware of the excitement you all hold in your hearts concerning ascension and this year.

Let things take its course and smile because you are all there.

Your mother, keep praying and visualising the changes you want to see, then manifest them in your meditations.