EA079 - Disclosure and Stock Up


Hello son,

Disclosure and Stock up

In the next twenty four hours an announcement will be made concerning disclosure. If you are unaware what this means; it is going to be an announcement about the existence of Aliens.

Our regular readers are aware of the existence of Aliens and it is advisable that you relay this message to your loved ones, families and friends. Do not worry if they ridicule you; remember you know the truth so keep up the faith.

Depending which countries co-operate with the news of this, which will be on all the media network, some countries will try to block it out and keep the population from not knowing at all. But their plan will be doomed to failure.

The news of disclosure could take 48hrs before everyone is aware of this, as some countries will try some dirty tricks or some kind of prevention.

Remember you all have an inner voice, your higher consciousness that you can tap into, if you have this connection; if not it is suggested that you spend every spare hour this week on raising your own vibration.

It is the news you have all been waiting for, however, the dark lords will try to distract you. The next week a dirty plan is going to happen, a distraction on the news or war; as a result there will be a shortage of supplies in your shops; but not everywhere.

If you live further away from your local shops it is advisable to stock up for at least two weeks of supplies, until the Aliens and there allies resume order. Most of the news will be polluted or full of lies ridiculing the aliens and their existence.

Remember, they are here to help and I Ascended Master Saida Khatoon have been training the Aliens for this disclosure project and helping the planet to ascend.

It is possible that electricity or gas or both could be lost, however we will resume the connection.

This is good news so do not panic buy, be ever so mindful and keep the faith.

Your mother on this exciting news on the disclosure project to commence.