EA078 - It’s all about Us


Hello Son,

It’s all about us

We’re coming to the end of an era and starting a historical part of an exciting and revealing 2012. I will guarantee that the changes are coming soon and will continue throughout to the end.

An announcement is coming soon about some of these changes and it is nothing to be worried about. It will be a surprise for everyone, so stay tuned to the news. This is the only thing I can reveal at this time, so stay tuned for the next couple of days.

The most important thing right now is remembering that the planet was made for mankind to fulfil and remember their past history, and be in tune with the Creator. This connection having been lost and forgotten will be soon restored.

Everyone reading these channellings will ascend and it is advisable that start listening to their inner voice for guidance.

Tomorrow a new wave of energy will enter the planet to accelerate those who are moving to the fifth dimensional world. But sadly some people are too lost in the material world to change and they have selected to stay.

This wave will start to accelerate the cells of the right brain to open; when this happen things around you will begin to make sense. We will feel a lot more peaceful and contented. This is because our faith will be a lot stronger then ever before with the Creator.

Remember you too are like a beacon of light and you being present at this time are not by chance. You too have a role to play, to awaken others to the truth. Accept this role and keep focused on the goal of ascension and increasing further your vibrations.

Your mother; be patient and work hard to retune to the source.