EA077 - All Eyes do not see the same Vision


Hello Son,

All eyes do not see the same vision

Imagine a dozen people observe a painting and then write what they thought of it. We would get a dozen interpretations of the painting. It is also similar when we see a vision. This is because of our levels of understanding and what we have witnessed is different.

When we communicate with spirits or guides and they begin to teach us, our material knowledge governs our understanding. The more we acquire knowledge and more we begin to understand.

A person’s instinct and perception together with the levels of understanding increase. As though a cell inside the brain has opened to comprehend the new knowledge learnt.

Each time a person witnesses something, they expanded their consciousness. We accept this as part of learning in every field of life.

Learning spirituality is the same way, to achieve to the higher dimensions we must make every effort in the material world to learn the basics.

When we refine our tuning to the highest dimensions, we will see things clearly and comprehend more quickly. The tasks ahead will unfold and paths to different dimensions will become easier.

With the introduction and use of the internet, acquiring and learning has become easier and faster, at an instant would be a better description. Together with good conduct and being mindful when we communicate with others a person learning in these days is easier compared to the past or even fifteen years ago.

The Creator has made this possible so that you are all able to reach the heights quickly, not done in the past.

Your mother, proud that you have kept learning and keeping up the pace.