EA076 - Through grief comes Understanding


Hello Son,

Through grief comes understanding

When things are going well, ones ego becomes charged up and we stop listening to ourselves. We accept this does not happen to some who have learnt to even silence themselves through these emotions.

This emotion will ruin many families as we inadvertently stop using our inner guidance and use our logic mind to make decisions.

However, through grief we silence ourselves and make time to listen and workout what steps o take to make things better. On many occasions we have gone down in remorse unable to make any accurate judgements, as our thoughts race through the mind looking and searching and even asking questions.

This has happened to many souls in the world and will continue to do so when we start listening.

The Creator in his programming has given moments of reflection; many times in our lives, but we call them our saddest moments of our lives instead. If He had not done this then these sacred days leading to ascension, would be a distant memory of our past.

There is inspiration coming through our most challenging moments of our lives, as the inner voice continues to guide you through these moments. You should say instead, that the Creator is guiding us at this moment to make a decision for the better.

There are so many moments of reflection that are helping us to understand the spiritual self that wants the higher dimensional realms to come sooner then later.

These moments are not soul destroying but uplifting, which can only be understood in the depths of our minds. Lift up yourselves and run through the final year leading to ascension with courage and excitement.

Yes there will be more days of moments of reflection, but take it as a memorable moment, when we silence our thoughts and search for the next steps to take. The Creator has been guiding you from birth to this day, and so we should give thanks that we are here to witness this event with our family and friends.

Let the greatest show on Earth unfold and the audience, which is you, enjoy with laughter.

Your mother through her own moments of reflection, she found the source and was able to converse with it. Through dedication over several difficult years she began to understand what was required from her. Each time she always gave thanks, knowing life will soon get better for her and her family. I always believed that the Creator would lead the way. I gave my life to the keeper of souls, my God and Creator of all souls.