EA075 - Metamorphosis


Hello Son,


Some will be able to walk through the portal and into the fifth dimensional realm with our physical bodies. Only the Creator and a select few have the names of these people.

The planet is already rebooting the crystalline energy grid; jump started by the select few souls on this earth, who had been given the trust to do so. Slowly the energies will circulate all around the world and mankind’s metamorphosis will commence.

This change will occur mentally, physically and consciously to all the inhabitants and creatures on the planet.

Mother Earth has been given this task to get you ready for the fifth dimensional changes to your body. To gradually ease through the process, and avoid a shock to the system, a gradual change is required to go through the dimensional changes.

When we enter the fifth dimensional realm there will be three main changes to the physical self.

The changes are physical body to crystalline body then finally to light body. Depending on how much time you have perfected yourself by raising your vibrations, this will be a quick process.

As the change takes hold you will be able to communicate with your family or friends and even any person around the world, by your thoughts.

When we have learnt to perfect ourselves in the fifth dimensions then we can tune into other and higher souls like Prophets and Saints of the past. However, the desire to do so must be one of the aims in your minds.

When we start communicating with these higher souls we gain there trust and they will inspire us to greater things. This can also be achieved in the material third dimensional realm which we call Earth.

Your mother suggesting that a practice in tuning, meditating and refining ourselves is needed.