EA074 - Levels of Communication


Hello Son,

Levels of communication

In our channelling we have mentioned on numerous occasions these words, raise your vibrations OR make a connection with your higher self. We will now explain why this is important, but we do except for some will need further time to achieve this, but keep going.

When we talk to someone we communicate with them using the same language, or gestures. This is the same for any person we talk to around the world. This we have to achieve, when we talk to spirits, dead relatives, angels, Ascended Masters and so on.

Each of them speak different languages, or better described, as frequency. If we do not tune into the correct frequency then we cannot communicate with them. In other words, the higher and more important the person you are trying to communicate with, the more challenging frequency you have to tune into.

Just like Shazi, who has tuned into my frequency and is comfortably communicate with me any time.

When we refine, unclutter and focus on thoughts to the person we want to communicate with, in silence, then the conversations can begin. When we move into the fifth dimensional realm, we can talk to any person from anywhere past or present, just by focusing our minds.

Therefore communication and conversations will take place through the use of telepathy and the higher consciousness. Do not worry if you find this difficult, as in the next realm we will show you how to do this.

To make a head start, we should seriously think through this and make a suggested effort. It is not difficult in these current times, but requires you to be patient.

All Prophets, Saints, Ascended Masters, Sages and relatives and friends will have a unique frequency which we all have to connect to. This is simply done by focusing on the person you want to communicate with.

You can try this at home by thinking of a person you want to communicate with, but keep this focus as long as you can. Hopefully they will contact you; this is the start and first lessons on telepathy.

Always remember you are a living example of what success and achievement is all about.

Your mother living the dream in the next dimensional realms.