EA073 - Surrender


Hello son,


If you really want to receive the riches of the world and the hereafter it is time for you to surrender your will to the God. It is He that fashioned you from clay and blew His sacred attributes so that you may recognise Him.

Not a moment went by that the Creator of the entire universe, looked after your interest daily. When you cried out in vain, in many times of your lives, He listened and cried with you. He called out to you so that you may understand; His love for you is immeasurable. Not for a moment He left you, but no, He stood buy you and lifted you when you were down.

The Creator has provided you all your needs, even through the countless reincarnation until this moment, when you reach your perfect self. Not once has he asked you for any favours in return, but only that you give thanks during your lives. To your own compassion you have given many thanks and praise to Him and He is ever so grateful.

It is time soon to receive your reward; there is one thing he asks from you and that is you surrender and trust your will to the Creator. He is your keeper of your soul and knows what is best for you; so surrender and accept from the heart that there is no other than God, for He is the keeper of all knowledge.

He awaits your answer.

He knows what is in your heart.

He accepts the sacrifice you have made in your life.

He is now showering you with His light.

He knows that you have surrendered your will to Him.

He will now reward you.

The Creator knows what is inside your heart and will give back what you desire as a reward.

Your mother, immensely proud that you had been so patient and have made it this far; though in my own heart I knew you would do it. From the love of the Creator; sleep well and receive your reward.