EA072 - End of Duality


Hello Son,

End of duality

Those who select ascension, it will be the end of duality and the start of singularity. I will now explain what this mean, but there are a million words for this meaning.

The brain is divided into two halves; the left and right. They work independently and have their own functions in their part of the brain. Similarly we have a conscious mind, during the day, and an unconscious mind when we sleep. We can use numerous examples; the explanation is that everything in the planet, all species has been created in two folds and including our consciousness.

This is now coming to an end and in the next realm our two parts of the brain will come together and function as a single unit. This means that the brain will use its full capacity as opposed to using only 10% maximum during this third realm.

This is happening in phases and our minds are opening up and beginning to have affect on our life styles. As more parts are activated, our thinking will become clearer and will be able to reflect on things deeply.

My advice to you all is to read up further by other channellers and understand the chemical, physical and even the spiritual changes on duality. Do not underestimate or undermine other peoples work. The Creator has decreed that as many people to awake and provide knowledge to others from every walk of life.

This era is about co-operation with others and brings back the compassion and ends the selfishness that has ruined the lifestyles of many people, leaving them emotionally drained.

When singularity is achieved we will be able to harness our energies to one point and achieve and manifest whatever we want. We can practice focusing through meditation.

Your mother the change in everybody is happening all around the world.