EA071 - Light Shines Through You


Hello Son,

Light shines through you

The Divine light is manifesting into your cells and each day they bring a new awakening and insight. Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, light is shining through you and changing your aura.

The purple haze is slowly changing your insight to the spiritual path and you are becoming more aware and peaceful each day. The dormant 90% is awakening and inspiring you to reflect your judgements to make the right choices.

When this is a regular occurrence you send out a wave of light to the world, a frequency that multiplies with other souls who do the same. This is happening daily and it is helping others to wake up to the truth. You’re here to spread the light to others and be ever so mindful; special are you.

The choices you have made, in many reincarnations has led you to this moment of lifetime. It is your choice to act as beacons of light. A worthy and admirable task you are undertaking for the planet to ascend. It is why the Creator has chosen the correct reward and that to grow your consciousness to the highest levels and beyond.

Every whisper and soft word said in kindness, translates to a wave that ripples through the planet. The Creator multiplies this to help others to embrace this refined quality within them to awaken mankind. A good action that pleases another is met with the same outcome. How generous is the Creator who does this without any reward for Himself.

Oh mankind, the year is here when you will rejoice in laughter and celebrate amongst yourselves. The Creator will make you forget your worst situations and challenging moments in your lifetime. He will multiply this happiness for others to embrace His love.

Your mother thanking you for your contributions to the awakening of mankind.