EA070 - The Perfect You


Hello Son,

The perfect you

When you were created you were perfect, there were no flaws or errors in your creation. The final jigsaw piece in the Creators plan on this planet was you. The Creator and even now marvels at his creation and watches you in pride. There is nothing He would not do to help you in your daily lives.

Due to the turbulence in this emotional world, mankind has drifted away from his path and lost his connection. We need to be reminded that this was not the case in the beginning of creation, as man has become materialistic and thinking more from his ego mind. Over time his ego has clouded his judgement and become further away from his inner voice and higher consciousness.

When the ego has taken hold of a person, he loses his compassion as he is constantly thinking of himself in a selfish manner. Simply a person becomes blinded from his spiritual thinking and misleads himself. Ego is contagious and difficult to dispel when our thinking is void of any love for each other.

The Creator has made you perfect, and it is in this direction He wants all of you to go. There is nothing wrong with being perfect in every way. It is a quality the Creator wants everyone to achieve and strive for in everything you do, whether small or big.

Think deeply in these words and ask yourselves, how you are? And where do you need to go? The final answer should always be ascension. It is the highest award given to you right now, so seek it out.

Watch what you say to others and not be too judgemental; as you do not know what challenging emotional times the other person is going through. Give plenty of time for a person to retract his words, in disputes. It is better to forgive.

The perfect you, is what you are and will ascend to.

Your mother, in every moment sad or happiness let your qualities shine through for others to marvel you over. Be an example to others, you are all teachers to each other.