EA069 - Your Best Interest


Hello Son,

Your best interest

We are slowly beginning to understand our path and why we were born. When we pray and ask the Creator for something good or positive to happen, we have to accept his answer and our circumstance.

The Creator listens to all the prayers and never misses any individual out. When we have connected to the higher source we begin to fit the pieces to our lives. For some we accept that it will take some time before a connection is made, be patient.

The Creator wishes to add that one of your goals in your current life is to experience ascension, so keep this in your mind each day. On occasions your prayers cannot be answered as He is aware of your best interest during these current times.

The Creator wishes everyone to ascend or experience this moment; as a result He knows what is right for you to achieve this goal. When on occasions life becomes challenging, know that he is trying to inspire you to make a correct judgement to achieve your final goal for ascension.

Do not be annoyed or angry with the Creator as He knows what direction you should take. Accept in happiness during the good times and the bad. It is wiser for you. There is no household in all the countries of the world that are experiencing challenging moments and on occasions despair.

Remember during these challenging moments, He has not forsaken you but carrying you on His shoulders. He loves you and wishes the best for you, which is upgrading to the fifth higher consciousness and beyond.

Your mother I love you all and the Creator loves you more each day.