EA068 - Focus on Ideas


Hello Son,

Focus on ideas

It is necessary to go back to basics as the energies at this current time have manifested inside of us. It is time to use these energies and put them to good use.

In silence, ask yourself what you are going to do today, this could be a normal daily routine of going to work. Next, think of a good outcome and actually visualise that it is going to be a good and exciting day.

When we visualise ourselves being happy, we are helping our energies to focus on something or an outcome. This will also train you on focusing ones scattered thoughts into a point.

If we do this on a daily basis, we will invite positive energies and people; as a result our total outlook on life will change.

Say to yourself, that you are a new person, possessing new energies and those past memories that worried you has been forgiven. Repeat it over and over again and believe in these words and smile.

2012 is going to be your year when you will find your own personal goal and what direction you want to choose. Every moment belongs to you as the past is forgiven and we will walk the path leading to our ascension.

Focus now on happy things and event, knowing this will happen soon. Spend as much time visualising as possible and enjoy the experience. If you wish share it with others, so they too are reminded of a new world being made to live out in the new dimensional world of the fifth realms.

Spend time visualising your dreams as you have more energy then ever before and it will increase daily.

Believe and believe again. Keep your faith strong and positive. Let negative thoughts pass you by.

Your mother suggesting you all get use to visualising your ideas in happiness and peace.