EA067 - You Are Healers


Hello Son,

You are healers

The questions we constantly ask ourselves is why we were born and for what purpose. It does not matter what religion or country we are from, the questions remain the same.

Let me help you; you are all born to be healers to help each other in this turbulent consciousness we call Earth. If we recognised this and implement this in our daily lives, the collective consciousness will change even quickly then before.

How we think and conduct ourselves will change, even our life styles. This way of thinking would end the selfishness, ego of a person and move them towards the high frequencies of love and peace within themselves.

The result and rewards for healing others, whether physically or spending time listening, would multiply rapidly. In fact if mankind would have adopted this approach and type of thinking, we would all have found God and be swimming in the high consciousness of the tenth or eleventh dimensions.

Say to yourself and make a difference to the people around you that you are a healer, to help and guide others in how to live on this planet. Talk humbly when you talk about others as others will do the same.

Remember you were once down and others lifted you by giving advice or giving you a hand. This happens to so many lives when challenging circumstances can leave us all confused, not knowing which direction to go.

Every decision can be a cross road in your life, but to elevate yourself help others who need it most or when they ask you.

Remember to change your mind, set to truly enjoy the remaining third dimensional days before the fifth.

Your mother advising you all to help, guide and teach others through this phase of the planet and into ascension.