EA066 - Separation of old to new Earth


Hello Son,

Separation of old to new Earth

Several years ago the transition of old Earth and three dimensional realms started to shift towards the fifth. This was a slow process, however, when this was taking place, the consciousness also shifted in mankind.

Planet Earth houses a huge energy force, if there are changes then it is felt by mankind too. So when the shift to fifth dimension was taking place many started to awake.

As people awakened others began awaking too, as the collective consciousness was absorbed by others and the change in how we learn knowledge changed as well.

As the percentage increased in the shift towards the fifth dimensions, a sudden change of consciousness mankind awakened. This sudden change increased the love attribute within ourselves and reduced the fear and doom we commonly feel in our daily lives.

In 2012 the planet will be close to complete its shift to the fifth, first before mankind. When this happens we will be absorbing the energies and following her lead.

This process of change is in full operation and she is going to change her consciousness too.

The new fifth dimensional consciousness is love and peace, many are feeling this effect daily. We suggest that you meditate this love and peace vibrations to nullify the negative emotions and to combat ones ego.

Mother Earth is constantly sending her energies and we suggest that further meditations on her will help everyone to shift there energies to the higher consciousness.

Your mother informing the changes to occur further in 2012.