EA065 - Change your Script


Hello Son,

Change your script

If you are aware of what is happening and have kept yourselves informed then it is time to change your script of life and live out another story of your lives.

This is the time to enrich and seek out happiness for yourselves and others around you. There is no need to live in difficult circumstances, but create the thought of what you want, and then let Karma do the rest. Belief in what you want and slowly and surely things will change all around you.

We remind you forgiving others and yourselves for you past deeds are essential for spiritual growth. There is no room in your minds to hold a grudge of other people as this only carries extra weight to our minds and will hinder our chances of ascending.

Change your script and play and act another scene of your life. Spend the remaining days before ascension in helping and guiding others to the path that leads to the Creator through the fifth dimensional portal.

This year, make resolutions and targets what you want to do to make relationships better or your lives. Learn to say sorry for the wrongs and misunderstandings.

Smile as your life is going to get better very quickly, the Creator will help you ease through this transitional change and even help you to forget the past that weighed heavily on your mind.

The Creator is guarding your secrets as long as you walk the path of truth and honesty during this current time. He loves you and keeps you in his heart. His goal is for you to witness and live in the gardens in all of the higher dimensions. The fifth is only the start of our new life.

Do something different then your normal routine and educate others to the new changes as they too will join you in ascension.

Your mother; guiding and keeping you informed in every step to the finish line.