EA064 - End of the Wheel of Karma


Hello Son,

End of the wheel of karma

We remind you that life is the result of our emotions and the actions we take. This is karma, as the universe entertains our thoughts and makes them happen by manifesting these desires.

This is coming to an end.

In the fifth dimensional world we will live in the instant or moment. Our thoughts will make things happen, as they are positive, and positive things will happen.

However, we must understand that we are still living in this world and using the universal laws to exist and complete our daily chores and jobs. Mankind should be mindful of ones thoughts as they may manifest and come true; positive or negative thoughts can manifest that will change the outcome of your life.

We have still time to use the wheel of karma, and to make our lives better still. Even though this is coming to an end, live your life in every moment and smile.

It is important to meditate on this message to extract the knowledge it contains, we remind you again our messages are there to be studied. Every message is for spreading spiritual knowledge and opening the cells within the mind to help in ascension.

Your mother; acquire the things you need to keep yourselves, families and friends happy.