EA063 - Light Being


Hello Son,

Light being

What will happen to our bodies?

The material body is a dense and heavy one and what we eat is heavy and takes longer to digest. If we were to conduct a research on current eating habits, we would find that mankind are slowly changing their eating habits.

They are finding eating meat difficult to digest and others are making them feel ill. More and more people are turning vegetarian or cutting down on eating less meat or chicken.

They are feeling a lot lighter when they have done this. When mankind ascend to the fifth dimensional world, there is no need for eating, especially heavy meals.

There is a physical change that will happen gradually, our bodies will become lighter and eventually we will have light bodies made from the Divine light that of the Creator.

When this transformation has taken place, we will be able to move around very easily and quickly, unlike our physical bodies which is heavy.

Only change your diet according to your own needs and learn to listen in silence to find the answer.

A light body will mean that we will become weightless and be able to fly or go anywhere at an instant in the fifth dimensional world full of gardens and instant pleasure. This is our reward for being patient and tolerant, living and helping families and others.

The Creator too wants you all to succeed and the final chapter of your life, in this world, is coming to an end. However, an exciting new one is commencing for you.
Your mother; live your life to the full with happiness and contentment, learn to serve others, it is the highest spiritual deed a person can do.