EA062 - Planetary Ascension


Hello Son,

Planetary ascension

The Earth has a conscious just like we do and is more aware of what is happening to the universe than we do. Like any other person if given the choice of Ascension and beautiful gardens or the same material world full of turbulent emotions, we would gladly pick ascension.

Earth is too ascending, and it is the first time that a planet is ascending as well as the beings. It is the reason why so many aliens are visiting the planet and observing from a distant; whilst other aliens are assisting the transitional phase.

Mother Earth is a full conscious being that too has emotions as we do. However, it has an additional role to play, this is too inspire mankind from its infinite energies and provide us with food and shelter.

Mother Earth is aware of the Divine Plan and Promise, which once was told to Adam, that there will be a time when mankind will ascend from its lower vibrations and to the higher dimensions.

This is the time and many souls are aware of this and the excitement is sometimes difficult to control.

Planetary ascension is necessary and is happening in phases so that there is less pressure on the body and mind, as well as a physical change there is a mental change too.

Your mother be aware and search out the truth, it is everywhere if you truly want to learn.