EA061 - Matching the Outer Dimension


Hello Son,

Matching the outer dimension

Why do we have to raise our vibration?

The easiest way to explain this is like learning a language. If you want to understand someone thoroughly then you must speak the same language.

Similarly to talk to an Ascended Master you must first reach his frequency, he or she is communicating. This is why we have to raise our vibration to the source we are trying to communicate with.

As mankind is moving towards the fifth dimensional realm we must first attempt to reach this vibration, otherwise we will not be compatible. It would be like being deaf, dumb and blind, the realm would have no meaning. Instead we would be totally confused.

To achieve this, mankind should carry on with their material world jobs, but do this willingly, without judgement. He should help others and keep ones thoughts positive. He should learn the language of knowledge and this, spiritual knowledge and history.

By doing so, he will ignite the cells that will raise his vibration towards the fifth dimensional world. When this is achieved his vibration will match that of the surrounding area he is going.

Do not worry everyone reading these words are achieving this goal; others will do this by other means.

Your mother advising and suggesting to match your frequency to the outer dimensional realms; and learn to communicate with your Ascended Masters, guardian angels, angels and past relatives.