EA060 - Earth Cleansing


Hello Son,

Earth cleansing

As we come to an end of 2011 and commence 2012, there are going to be rapid changes.

There are three types of major cleansing taking place that are necessary for awakening and moving to the fifth dimension. We have already discussed personal cleansing and letting go of memories that make us emotional. There is another cleansing which is also important and that is ‘planets history’.

There are going to be numerous scandals and revelations and finally truth coming out of nearly all countries. The cleansing of countries will take place especially in the western world that have suppressed the third world countries, will finally, and due to public pressure will reveal their lies.

Court cases and resignation of high profile politicians will be a common theme as these corrupted, power hungry people will be arrested. The public will demand radical changes as economically the western world will collapse due to their currency.

Governments will back down and introduce a fare social system for all families; but this can only take place if we think and visualise a better way of life for all and the end of the currencies.

As history will be changed and some will immediately respond to these changes, a relief of pressure will be felt by all. Mankind will once again feel relaxed and less pressured.

When this event happens, there will be another wave of mass awakening and a rapid increase of knowledge. The arrival and visually seeing Aliens will start the first contact program. I suggest you read this up on the internet.

When the pressure bubble, mankind has been living in is slowly relieved, he will open up his mind and their will be a massive feeling of success felt by all. Families once again will reunite and their bonds will be stronger.

However, those who do not or are unable to make these new changes will have to relive the third dimensional realm again on another planet. Mother Earth is too going through cleansing and cannot support third dimensional beings.

There is no blame on any part, and the Creator is forever merciful and will continuously look after these souls and they will later ascend on another planet in a different time line then yours.

We suggest that you all try to stay positive and support each other during this period of transition. Carry on with your daily routines but remember raising and building up spiritual knowledge carries more weight.

Your mother, wishing you all a happy new year; a year full of changes for the soul.