EA059 - Message from Mother Earth


Hello Son,

Message from Mother Earth

It will soon be 2012 and it is time to make a decision, if you wish to ascend. There is no complaint if you do not and decide to stay in the third dimension. However, the planet is moving forward and ascending to the fifth dimension.

It is time and it will come soon as ascension will take place in 2012, there is no doubt. Those who wish to ascend should be preparing themselves by meditating and serving and guiding others.

The fifth dimensional realm of peace and harmony has no room for judgemental and unsure souls; who are still wavering between belief and doubt. If this is you then we request that you should research on the internet and decide for yourselves, but time is fast approaching and Mother Earth is not going back on her plan.

Support and enrich your minds with others who share the same goal of ascension. There are numerous communities on the internet who wish to communicate with others too. It is advisable to talk and make new friends, you will be surprised on how open minded others are.

Mother Earth wishes to declare that it is moving towards the Creators plan and soon the pole shift will occur in 2012. She wishes to say that it is inevitable that there may be a series of natural disasters that will lead to a loss of life. However, to achieve fifth dimensional realm this is necessary. She says that she too cares and loves you all and is connected with all of you; as the main source of energy she wishes to state that it is her that you have built your energies of the last millions of years. She has provided you with food and shelter and that you have used her resources to help others.

Mother Earth is still concerned of your welfare and feels every emotion and heartache you have felt over the years. Because of this it has decided that moving to the fifth dimensional and the end of suffering is a better alternative. She wants as many people to decide on this too and join her.

For millions of years she has protected mankind and will do so to the end.

Your mother and Mother Earth requesting that you make a decision soon and that guidance will follow.