EA058 - Contemplation


Hello Son,


As the holiday excitement is coming to an end and lives are coming back to normal, we hoped that you have all experienced the excitement from visiting loved ones and family.

Now is the time to take stock of things and decided your next plan of action on the journey of your own spiritual path. The high energies from winter solstice and Christmas day have been absorbed into the body and have enlightened many people around the world.

There was an increase in activity during this time, as a result some of you will experience a new cognitive change of ability or for some an increase in intuitive and instinctive skills. This is all part of awakening into the fifth dimensional consciousness.

The Creator wishes to make clear that full awakening is not a quick process but a gradual one depending on the person. In each stage of awakening, the energies must slowly be absorbed into the cells. Once this is done then the next increased energy will be manifested.

There is no one who can absorb God’s Tajalli (light) in one go, it is too powerful and will damage the body immediately. So a gradual low potency is given to mankind and then increased over time.

This gradual increase also provides the person to understand and adapt to the changes, when this happens a new insight is awakened and the person feels more relaxed then ever. This is the result of conscious awakening. Mankind is then given time to adjust to these changes.

When we contemplate in silence, we rid the mind of our material thoughts that interfere with our higher conscious thinking.

It is time to reflect our experiences of the week.

Your mother is aware of your new conscious and instinctive skills given by the Creator. Remember to give thanks to Him.