EA057 - Energy from Visiting


Hello Son,

Energy from visiting

We accept that when we visit someone or someone visits our home, the energy and atmosphere changes, as though we forget our troubles for a moment and to talk to the person who is visiting.

Where has all the challenging thoughts disappeared to, that we have been entertaining in our minds? They simply disappear as soon as we start communicating with someone.

Consider also, when we visit someone and stay over, we gladly do things that we normally do not do. Like being extra helpful and hosts too become active in doing something, whether cooking or going out, the energy levels increase rapidly.

This is a gift from God, he amplifies our energy and moods when we visit or communicate positive things to each other. Mankind is not designed to spend time alone, but is designed to live in groups.

During challenging occasions, we should change the scenery by visiting someone and stay over or go out. Being wise in our decisions and improving the quality of our life, we can change our moods quickly to our advantage.

Mankind is here to learn from its daily interactions and experiences so that it can help to grow spiritually and meet the Creator. Simple things in life are the most pleasurable for you and your family, alike.

A smile from someone visiting is worth more then any materialistic thing. Increasing a relationship and making it stronger is like making friends with God.

Life when we think positively in the correct thought, will always give you a smile on your face. Enjoy the moments with someone and increase it again and again when seeing someone.

This relationship you build in the material world is like making a link with the Creator. If we do not spend quality time with Him then how can we accept favours from God?

Examples in life are there to be studied and deeply thought out in every angle. Looking for its meaning and the increased impact it has on you and others. I know how wonderful it is to see you enjoying yourself visiting family and for them staying over at your house.

I am also proud that you were able to spend time sharing your experiences with others to read and ponder over.

You all have experienced what should be experienced during Christmas by visiting friends. You’ve had and absorbed all the energies given by the interactions with them. And more importantly, reflected on its spiritual message, which is the highest reward of all.

Your mother living the moment and experiencing the spiritual impact it has to our body and soul.