EA056 - Energy from Children


Hello Son,

Energy from children

As we get older, challenges from family, work and friends increase. There seems to be a conveyor belt of experiences, challenging every step with the decisions we make. However, these thoughts are the way to assess our life while the other is to stay positive and accept the small hurdles in life.

Depending on the circumstances, our mind goes into overload churning away worrying thoughts that sometimes increase our anxiety. Even our eyes change and facial expressions too which gives away how we feel.

But why is it, a child playing, belonging to a very poor family, wearing just a pair of shorts with other children, perhaps on the streets of Africa or India, still manages to enjoy himself. The child is totally unaware of his situation but enjoys his company with his friends.

Yet the parents are worrying what the day will bring. We accept this is an extreme example, but this is food for thought. Another example, a child in the western world, playing with his friends, and again in the background his parents are worrying about something.

In both of these cases, the stress levels are exactly the same, perhaps not the financially; yet the children are able to still enjoy themselves whatever their circumstances. But why is that? Why do most of the time children rarely go through the same stressful situation?

There are many answers, but the common one is how they keep there thoughts plain and simple, and believe it or not there requirements in life is minimal. It is the adults who go into overdrive in our requirements. We seem to impose our own will on buying things that are not necessary. This makes the child more depending as he is exposed to so many things which are not necessary.

A child can be given a lot of things, yet he will abandon all these to play with his family and friends. Any person that needs company would know that material things are never a source of happiness and only give short term pleasure. This is the best form of healing and stops a person from thinking to much.

We should take an example from children on how they conduct themselves and enjoy their time. Perhaps joining them, by doing so we can absorb there energy and enjoy their play as well.

Children have a quality to over ride any situation and bring a smile to our faces.

It is days like holidays that we are reminded how much energy they emit, by simply spending time with them and play with their toys too. Let us all keep our thoughts simple and not worry about things too much; it is the Creator who provides for our needs and wants.

Your mother in delight in giving this message full of inspirational food for thought and giving you a smile, too.