EA055 - Family Forgiveness


Hello Son,

Family forgiveness

With so much energy from all the people around the world celebrating Christmas we should make this to good use.

I too can feel this energy.

If there is tension or disagreements in the family or friends, then we should make the effort to patch things up. The Creator too will help you, as long as you make the first step.

Let the past be in the past and work things out between the ones you have some disagreement with. Or if this is not the case then shower them with love and thank them for being in you lives.

A special thank you to all the parents and cares that have responsibilities, you have held on to this responsibility without questioning. It is to your credit that the family structure still holds firm and your values can be learnt by other members of the family. We are forever grateful on this family day for spreading peace and love within your families.

Every person you meet in the next few days will have so much joy as it is Christmas. Yet do not forget the contributions made by Prophet Jesus to the planet. It is his consciousness that is reverberating all around the world with great potency. Even more then ever.

Having a family that sits, talks and plays the same ‘music’, brings joy to other people who visit.

It is also a day when we should pray for others who unfortunately are still going through challenging times.

Pray for them now, using your own words, the Creator will then amplify them.

Your mother, who loved her own family with her heart opened and this energy with the rest of the planet, galaxy and the universe.