EA054 - Christ Consciousness


Hello Son,

Christ consciousness

Today is the day when so many people, from different faiths celebrate as well; indeed it is a special day to remember Prophet Jesus.

On many occasions we have written about how the collective consciousness affects the surroundings and causes ripples in the fabric of time and space. Today being Christmas, it is one special ripple reverberating with incredible energy all around the world.

More importantly it is a family day, and each house celebrating will increase their energies. If one person is happy it makes others happy too. Therefore, if a whole nation is happy, celebrating this day, can you imagine how Prophet Jesus feels?

He is elated, not only are we remembering him but we are together with our families and eating and talking together. This indeed is the greatest reward to have, to spend quality time with our families.

It is like music and everyone is playing the same tune. The impact around the area is beautiful, because the energies you bring when celebrating others feel it too. By this we mean the plants, stones, trees and other surrounding things.

Even the walls of the house feel the energy.

If we look at the calendar, the Creator has designated special days like Christmas to spend with our families.

Spiritually we can manifest and bring on the Christ consciousness, today is the maximum energy to do so. Those who wish to do so can meditate and contemplate that the Prophet Jesus is shining his light inside our hearts; the light then circulates to every part of the body. It then ignites the cells in the body releasing the energy and knowledge to the conscious. Do this meditation for 30 minutes.

Your mother; Merry Christmas to all of your families on this special day. May the Christ consciousness bring you joy and happiness for the rest of the year.