EA053 - Creating the Stimulus


Hello Son,

Creating the stimulus

Inspiration and the immense delight and energy starts from the idea in the mind. This little spark of energy converted to thought that creates a stimulus to get up and do something. We rarely admire this unique operation of the mind; this connection is from the higher self to the conscious via the soul.

Whatever your desires are, we must still have a purpose of getting up ever morning and rejoicing another day in your glorious life. You have this desire every day, to smile and be happy.

If this is sometimes challenging to do, then create the stimulus that drives the body into action. You are making a difference to so many lives, just like a ripple that keeps on going until the edge of the pond.

Oh mankind, keep working to your best abilities and let nobody spoil your celebrations. Encourage others to do so and smile often. There is nobody like yourselves or in your shoes; yes you are all unique.

Put love of the world as your primary thought then you will enjoy each day and every action. The ability to experience a day, a thought, an action has made you the person you are.

The stimulus is there to continue to walk the path of full enlightenment. Yes it has been challenging; yet each time we have sailed through this. Yet again along the way people too have been inspired to do so as well.

No one ever complains when you are doing something that you love; as the energies are all positive and dismiss any negativity that get in the way. It builds up every second as long as the thought and desire is still there.

Your mother, create your own stimulus and desires in life and live every moment of each day to the full.