EA052 - Reflecting on Success


Hello Son,

Reflecting on success

In silence we need to reflect on our success through our lives and rid of the torment of failure forever.

In a judgemental society in every step during our lives criticism and scrutiny has been regular; as if this is the normal thing to do.

Let me tell you, the most important thing is you. From all the souls dating back millions of years, you have made it to this time period; a most sacred time indeed. You have been selected to either witness ascension or go through ascension. This is your success.

Every parent or carer is a successful story, as you have been selected as a responsible parent from the Creator. He has given you trust over your dependents. This is your success.

In a workplace responsibility is everywhere; between colleagues and most of all trust. This is your success.

Spending time or money on someone or family; this is an action that pleases the Creator, regardless how little or big, He judges not. This is your success.

Every time when you think of something positive, whether you carry this through or not, the Creator rewards you. During your lifetime this has happened many times. This is your success.

You’re whole, whether challenging or not is a successful story as you have made it so far. You have made it to the end days of the material world. Living through this era and witnessing the beauty of all the changes; this is your success.

Every laughter, as you think back to those moments, meant a great deal as others laughed with you. This is your success.

Your mother reminding that your whole life has been a success, when every experience meant a spiritual progression in your upbringing. The day will soon arrive when you all will rise up and feel inside that you all have been truly successful.