EA051 - Universal Prayer


Hello Son,

Universal Prayer

Everyday in all walks of life there are people who are still carrying on with their life who are unaware of the changes. Most are going through a routine without thinking and their perception of things has been dulled to almost nothing.

They think they are happy, as they get up go to work and come home to their families. This cycle has being going on for years, yet they are unaware of reality and the true program for mankind.

This veil over their lives and their mind has been there for most of mankind. We try our utmost to wake these people up to the truth but we require your help in this matter.

We ask you not to judge these people because they have been programmed to believe, this is the way without the Creator or faith inside their minds. Instead a collective prayer all around the world to wake further and make their lives better for all these people.

A daily prayer is required when you wake up or end the day. Hopefully more and more people will wake up and feel the excitement, as we all do when mankind ascends to the fifth dimensional world and the end of suffering.

‘‘Oh, Master of the Universe our Creator we ask thee to shine the golden ray of love, peace and awakening on those people who need it most; those who are still totally unaware of a better quality of life and have been led astray by the dark lords of this world.

Let them understand that there is peace and harmony through the mind and your existence. Let them find their faith in you and inspire their daily lives with your enormous bounty.

We ask our Creator to guide everyone during this cleansing part of our lives and forgive those who have wronged themselves and others. You are truly merciful and kind. Lead us to the path of silence, and infinite knowledge and enrich all our daily lives.

Oh Creator we ask thee to grant us ascension and those who are unaware. Amen.’’

Your mother, a prayer for everyone for harmony and patience.