EA050 - Free Will


Hello Son,

Free will

The environment and collective consciousness of the people are going through a transitional change. Many are going through their own mental cleansing and others are still finding their feet after partial awakening.

We accept this period could be the hardest to comprehend, but we require this  as we are accelerating the program for ascension to take place swiftly and first contact.

The channelling and its structure in sentences are having designed not to enforce but use your own free will on making decisions. On instances, we accept that on occasions plain words have been used to maximise understanding and make an action.

There are clues and words into each channelling for you to research and make your own path of learning; again maximising your own free will. We accept on occasions that they have been confusing.

These are the words of the Creator, designed in a way differently then other channellers; as it is the wishes of the writer to encourage you to follow and connect to your own inner guidance, but still keeping a connection with the writer.

Each written piece of work is there to ponder in silence, to extract the meaning and if an action is needed then take the necessary steps.

We applaud how challenging the changes you have made in such a short time; but the outcome for most of you is that finally you have found that piece of mind that was lacking in most households.

May each step be guided and that it nourishes every step of your body. May the cells connect with your logic mind to reveal the knowledge which is destined for you. May peace follow you all the way to ascension. Amen

Your mother in peace, and action you will find what you are looking for.