EA049 - Society Gap


Hello Son,

Society gap

We accept that changes in technology are taking place as the mental consciousness expands to give inspirational ideas to all who ponder in silence. However, an increasing gap is emerging in society between the age groups especially our senior citizens.

Technology, computers and mobile phone have all been invented in the last twenty years; this period has seen the greatest increase. Any person over forty and especially over sixty this has been a challenging transition where some people have totally dismissed them as not necessary, too time consuming to learn.

With all these new technologies for them to grasp we ask them to accept ascension, pole shift, upgrade in consciousness and aliens. Some will find this all too much and even ridiculous.

The media over the last five years have increased their news on the discovery and topic of aliens to educate the public. However, there are millions of people mainly the over forty’s who are totally oblivious to the changes and happenings of 2012 and ascension.

If you are awake then spend time to educate and highlight these mentioned changes to those age groups. It may be a shock to them but be patient and give them plenty of time to think for themselves.

It is a duty to let them know, especially parents, and other family members. A family unit who are totally awake is stronger consciously then only a few members who are awake.

A family walking and talking and following the same path will grow quickly, as there is no hindrance of learning.

Tell them that they have discovered life in other planets and let them discuss it with you; then develop these ideas further. There are numerous programs on this subject what you could watch to help your case.

Do not neglect your family who are unaware; the Creator is all merciful and generous and has decided that all family’s will ascend together. But we have a choice not to ascend, and the over forty could easily decide on this.

Your mother promoting extra energy’s within the family.