EA048 - Dimensional Movement


Hello Son,

Dimensional movement

What is dimensional movement?

The gatekeepers have been the bloodline that has ruled Earth over all the continents. They have secretly kept all knowledge hidden to suppress the rest of the population; in affect diluting their mental capacity and keep thinking to a limited potential, making ruling easier.

The gatekeepers hold the portals of dimensional movements between star systems and other beings. They readily have been using portals to advance their own agenda for continuous rule over the world.

The awakening of mankind has made this news freely available on the internet and other sources. The gatekeepers are no longer free to move throughout the galaxy or hide any more secrets.

In the beginning of time, the Creator gave this gift to Prophet Adam and his descendents to move through dimensions for learning and to understand the Laws of the Universe. However, betrayal and corruption has been common in history of mankind and the gatekeepers came to hold all the portal and energy centres across the planet.

Every portal and dimensional centres are carefully guarded to this day.

This coming to an end and many ruling bloodline are running scared as they know themselves their time is up and they are slowly being banished to distant lands for rehabilitation.

The interdimensional star gates will soon be open for mankind to be used in their ascension and spiritual growth.

Mankind will use these star gates or portals to ascend to the fifth dimensional world.

The Creator will guide the few to advise the rest of the population that wish to ascend during a designated time, which is a closely guarded secret, to prevent further corruption. Be assured that 2012 is going to be a wondrous year and the truth will be revealed and lives will be better for the future.

Your mother request that you meditate or research this further.