EA046 - Winter Solstice


Hello Son,

Winter solstice

Yesterday 20th of December was the winter solstice, it is the reason you have so much energy. The energies are greater and manifesting and awakening the cells in the mind. But only to those who are connected with their higher self.

Winter solstice is an event greatly celebrated around the world in the modern era as more and more people become aware of their spiritual self.

The Creator on an annual event inspires us spiritually to promote the inner vision in our hearts. It is in the heart where knowledge is hidden and revealed to those who seek it out; made easier during this day.

If we analyse sacred days in all religions they all have a hidden message from the Creator.

During each religious event in all of the religions, specific dates relate to promotion of the higher self and conscious awakening. These dates made aware by all of the Prophets are extremely significant and they bring great awareness.

Mankind seeks these days and their significance and research further, that you may find the truth. Do not let prejudices between religions come to cloud your judgement. But think positively about them as they, the Prophets were speaking on behalf of the Creator.

Take advantage of each energy days from all the religions and meditate there energies within.

Your mother who is here forever and for mankind, to guide you.