EA044 - Dream 2012


Hello Son,

Dream 2012

The dark lords and negative minded people will lead you to believe that 2012 is something to fear. Yes we have also warned on floods and natural disasters, but the outcome is pure positivity.

2012 is going to be a glorious and wonderful year for all of you reading these words; totally inspiring and full of positive challenges to aid your spiritual growth.

Ignore the negative minded people who constantly dismiss the whole year as a struggle for mankind. Nay, the Creator wishes to preserve life and His goal is the same for you too, that is ascension.

Talk openly, dream and look forward to an exciting year in 2012; when most things will change. Revolutions and occupy movements will lead to positive outcomes for mankind. Debt forgiveness is on the cards and an end to taxes.

Never again the dark entities will rule the world again and scare mongering the population. There will be an end to false news and misinformation as daily the truths are being revealed all around the world. History will be rewritten as 2012 will bring a great change in everyone’s lives that follow the path of righteousness.

Be positive and bring changes to your lives by uncluttering material things and your minds. The Creator and His angels are watching, guiding you all to make correct actions and choices. Listen carefully to your spirit guides, and advisors who know the truth. They will guide you away from falsehood.

The words of the Creator are infinite but the words and ideas of the dark lords are nothing but sentences with hollow meaning. Victory of mankind is soon to follow and we mean soon

Look forward to 2012 and make plans to rejoice.

Your mother looking forward for the ascension of mankind to the fifth dimension.