EA043 - Advisory role


Hello Son,

Advisory role

It has been a long time since you have had an open discussion with me; my advice would be that while on holiday you should have at least a daily question and answers session.

Remember your role is the same as an advisory role for mankind and to help people coming to truth with reality. As you look back over a year ago, when you woke up from your sleep, it was a shock to find the truths about even the basic things as completely untrue and false. In most aspects of life, mankind has been deliberately mislead and made to live in a lower vibration so that he can be controlled.

Remember when you spent four/five or even six hours a day researching and finding the truth for yourself? This is happening daily for those who are waking up. The Creator is giving them energy and the thought that he should find the truth for himself.

Your part in mankind’s awaking is vital and the reward is immense and only the Creator can give the finer details. You should carry on and keep the goal inside your mind as this is your own personal target and dream.

Every word you type is worth the weight in gold as many are intrigued and give them enormous encouragement. They too want to be inspired and be like you. You are their bench mark so carry on with channelled topics.

Soon every person waking up will find their own steps and guidance; however with many waking up daily, a direction and community is needed to share ideas and most needed encouragement.

Can someone speed up their awakening?

It is like an athlete, the more he trains the better he will become. A person should concentrate on himself by meditating and reading the right material (spirituality). Belief is vital and a positive approach to life. We should be reminded every circumstance in life is from the Creator. Mankind should not lament or feel sorry for himself, as challenges in life are a stepping stone to spiritual growth and a greater understanding in reality. All and every part or routine in life has been set out and led by the Creator. He and only He are aware of ones daily happenings.

What is the greatest destruction of man?

How a person thinks is his downfall. For example, on the outside a person can be nice, do his job and feed his family. Yet inside, he is thinking the opposite. He is cursing someone whilst he is talking to them, or hoping someone would fail.

These emotions are quite common and typical of a person who is not in control mentally. His outcome spiritually will amount to very little.

Mankind is not only judged from his actions but also how he thinks. He assumes that there is no one listening, but no, the Creator hears and sees all. But we should not feel depressed at this moment; as the Creator wants mankind to develop and move quickly to a fifth dimensional thinking.

The Creator would like to make it clear, is to forgive your past and free yourself; by focusing on a bright future for all mankind who wish to ascend.

Mankind should always be mindful on what they do and how they think.

Your mother looking forward for all mankind to find their own truths and heaven on earth.