EA042 - Learn the truth for yourselves


Hello Son,

Learn the truth for yourselves

Mass demonstrations continue around the world, and the outcry against establishments; as many people have awakened to the truth and demand changes. This will carry on in 2012 and even escalate further.

Mass awakening at this time is being aware of the truth, yet far too many people are not finding the truth out for themselves instead resting on their laurels.

Oh mankind if ye wish to ascend and learn the truth of the universe, it is advisable that you seek the information out, so that you can end the conflict and doubt inside your minds.

Relying on others will get you some distance, but finding the truth for yourselves will please the Creator because you have made a greater effort. Inside our minds we know in this lifetime we have been lied to continuously to manipulate and keep you ignorant of all the truth and facts. But now that you know, expand your mind and seek further that interests you and ask for guidance and forgiveness in each step you take.

The Creator will send down his golden rope so that you will clasp it in your hands and be never led astray again. The Creator is sending his energies to speed up your consciousness and intuitive mind. We should now take every opportunity on ourselves to raise our vibration to that of our higher consciousness, to find further truths and where we are going to in 2012.

Many histories’ of countries and knowledge have been manipulated and hidden away from people. This is to make them ignorant and ill advised so that we are kept away from the light and in the dark.

In many of our channelled messages we have advised you to get up and research the truth; as your consciousness and intuitive skills are rapidly increasing you will learn further insights and knowledge.

Knowledge is light and nourishes the mind and makes a connection with our higher self. Ignorance is darkness and only dilutes our own spiritual abilities. This saying is used many times and on a daily basis all around the world in every field of learning, as it is the truth.

Your mother, advising mankind, to find the truth of the world and enlighten yourselves.