EA041 - Divine Words


Hello Son,

Divine Words

When we analyse all the Holy books like, the Bhagvat Geeta, Torah, Psalms of David, Bible and the Quran, they are all the same. They all come from the same source, the Creator. It is mankind that has discriminated and even misinterpreted their meanings to their own advantage.

We must remember also that the same Laws of Nature and the Universe applies to all of these books. Their message brought down from the Prophets has the same meaning, to wake mankind to the truth.

Reality we live in is also the same so the messages from each of the Holy books are the same. We should not discriminate from each of them, but instead read each one to find and understand the message.

Each Prophet who brought the Holy Book had a unique message to mankind of that era. These messages help us to understand the reality we live in and how we can better ourselves.

It does not matter if the message was given thousands of years ago, reality is still the same and the same Laws apply.

In each Holy book, there are secret codes hidden in each phrase, sentence or paragraph that can be meditated on to unravel the hidden spiritual knowledge. Did not the Prophets too find the Divine words intriguing and inspirational to their people?

Do not shun away from the Holy books but read them as you all onced did when you were all young. There is plenty mankind can learn from them. They have stood against time and will keep on the shelves and homes to be read.
Your mother, unravel the mysteries of your own religion and others alike.