EA040 - Solar Plexus


Hello Son,

Solar plexus

The reason why you are feeling pain or electric currents in the solar plexus is because you are holding onto memories and worries. Like everyone else you must learn to rid and forgive yourselves from the past and move along the path of spirituality.

Every struggle you make will inspire others as they too are coping with their own emotional pains. Being honest has always been your strength and coping quickly to situations, is another.

When you meditate cut this pain and worries from your mind and accepts it that those challenging times are firmly behind you. Progress is being made by everyone as you put yourselves under the microscope.

Let the new rhythm of your heart take steps to circulate around your body freeing all the impurities and past memories away. Now step into yourself as a free person and ignite the heart into action.

You are changing, your mind is changing, your heart is changing and nothing is going to stop you from moving into the fifth dimensional free thinking.

Cut of this pain in the solar plexus and accept that things in the past were a hurdle that you have gone through.

Your mother advising that all pains small or large when you mediate needs to be cut off and accepted as part of everyone’s learning path to full awakening.