EA039 - The Golden Ray


Hello Son,

The Golden Ray

The golden ray is the chord that connects you to the universe and is embraced with love and wisdom. We are all connected with this chord and feed through this whether we are aware or unaware of this.

This ray connects us spiritually and pulls us through the challenging times, by feeding energy with patience.

We can activate this by learning to forgive ourselves from the deeds that circulate our minds. Forgiving negates the emotional worry in our minds and simply frees us.

By doing so we can accelerate our progress.

For example, concentrate on something that you feel guilty on, and then harness this golden ray to forgive yourselves and make things right. You must have100% belief that things will be put right. If it is necessary do this several occasions until you actually feel better. You may wish to do this on several things that are worrying you, whether small or big the process is the same.

When you learn to forgive yourselves, the golden ray of love, wisdom and healing will manifest within your heart. This will help you to free the mind and take the next steps on your path of enlightenment.

Sit in meditation as part of your cleansing, and do this at least once a day. The aura will cleanse the impurities and unclog energies. A light feeling and weightlessness will be felt in the mind as you regularly practice this.

Decision making will become easier and outcomes from your actions will be fruitful. Belief and keep believing in yourself and never put yourself down on your past.

Your mother, who calls on the golden ray to help in cleansing the past and your worries.