EA038 - Mental Chattering


Hello Son,

Mental chattering

Cleansing takes place in the mind, but if our mind is chattering away then how can we make progress?

It is time we spent time on silencing the mind; we can easily focus on something before we meditate. This will fall apart if our minds keep on chattering away about things, music, past memories, the list is endless. Do not let your meditations be spoilt by thinking about something or even worrying.

Firstly address the issue, what are you thinking about? Then get rid of it. If you are worried about doing the shopping, then do the shopping and free the thought out of the mind.

Meditation should be done in a quite environment free from mental distractions and noise disturbances. Peace should be your mental thought; being relaxed and not worrying about anything will help you to settle down quickly into your focus.

Try to understand yourself and be honest in what is the best approach in raising your own consciousness.

It is advisable in some cases not meditating at all if there are so many things to be done during that day then do them first. You will feel a lot better and free.

Mental chattering and a loss of focus are stunting everyone’s spiritual growth. We know it is not easy as so much emotional upheaval is happening around everyone’s lives.

The Creator is with you all the way and does not want any person to feel hopeless and neglected as this time. He loves you all and wants the best for you in 2012. Some changes seem painful at this time but are assured it is the best for you in the long run.

Keep faith in your hearts and believe in every step you take as you step further in the path of awakening. Throw away your worries and let the Creator take care of your problems and worries. He is the best at solving this at this current time.

Free your mind.

Your mother inspiring all.