EA037 - Mind Expansion


Hello Son,

Mind expansion

2012 is fast approaching and the time is coming when an acceleration and speed of the mind will take place. Between January and March a wave of energies to awaken mankind further will flood the planet. Those who are already awake will begin to understand their goals and peace will enter their hearts.

There are some who still need to be cleansed, and this energy will make it easier in the long run. However, it is the cleansing of the mind that is the goal for everyone. We remind you again in the fifth dimensional world the mind is our communication and the tool for manifestation. We will be able to use telepathy to aid all our purposes.

Before this strength of mind is needed, keep going in the material lives as there are lessons still to be learnt; during the first three months of the year.

Those who regularly meditate or spend time raising their vibration will find a sudden change in their spiritual knowledge. The cells will begin to open and receive and communicate with the person.

Their will be an increase of awareness about the planet and demonstrations will still continue until the changes are implemented. This awareness will accelerate until the primary, the goal of over 51% of the planet are awakened. When this happens ascension will take place in 2012.

Mankind should celebrate on this news and look forward to these changes; however, we should continue with our material duties as others are still dependent on you.

Spend as much time as possible in raising your vibrations and be patient.

Your mother in giving you the news of a greater wave entering the planet for further mass awakening and an increase of spiritual awareness.