EA036 - Truth, joy and love


Hello Son,

Truth, joy and love

The words of the Lord Creator are infinite and contain power and action. Each word contains divine attributes that manifest and expands when used.

The words truth, joy and love are three manifestations of divine attributes. The first word is the most important as this is the first step of a sequence. If not correctly implemented then all three words and its divine attributes will not benefit the person or its surrounding.

We remind you that every action or a word said causes a ripple in the cosmic space that motion around the area, or in some cases around the world.

In everything we do, if you wish to walk the path of spirituality, is to speak the truth and your actions must be too. When a person continuously walks this path, the Creator’s energies and the Universal Laws come into action, whether you are aware or not. They become subservient, as this is the kindness and mercy from the Creator.

Truth is a high and spiritual vibration and must be carried out on a daily basis; the results and reward is joy, we feel on a daily basis. This reward gives us peace of mind and is less pressure then a person who tells lies and spends every opportunity in deceit. A deceitful person is always under pressure and is never settled as his conscience will remind him daily of his wicked deeds. The reward for his dishonesty is torment in this world and the hereafter, until he changes.

Truth embraces joy and an action in the fabric of space is made. It is positive and ignites a multitude of other positive things. In plain words it multiplies and the rewards keep on increasing depending on the persons actions.

When this is on a regular basis, the highest reward is receiving the Love from the Creator. A high spiritual vibration that never ceases but multiplies on a regular basis.

I have spent all my life and the writer too, living a life in truth. Staying away from dishonesty and corruption has been a battle in this sometimes polluted world. When we both look back it is definitely an easier option to take as it is less pressure. We are now receiving the rewards after all our struggles in life.  

Your mother, live in truth and receive the rewards from your Creator in multitudes.