EA035 - New Wave


Hello Son,

New wave

The lunar eclipse on the 12th coincides a beginning of a new wave of vibrations. This will be a very busy period for you at this time as the energies manifesting in the body will give everyone a burst of action to do something.

There will be peace and harmony as routine will replace serenity in the mind. You will be organised, self assured and confident as ideas will flow through your mind.

There will be a flutter of cleaning going on as many will want to change things from the old and make a fresh start. Some will start making long time plans for the future. The new wave is making all things, ideas easy and is encouraging all to do something to elevate ones own consciousness.
There will be a lot of searching and researching as the desire to know will overtake the mind to another level and the excitement of 2012 is near.

Mankind will go back to its family roots to reignite the dream of having a family close by. Communities will work in harmony and demand changes for ones who are going through difficult times.

A debt forgiveness program will soon come into operation as currencies will begin to fall and the start of nations going bankrupt.

Money will seem useless when the changes take place and once again Heaven will replace the material world.

Never again will greed take over so many lives, corrupted by media and the dark lords.

Mankind will embrace a new wave, a new life living in truth and love.

Your mother, soon things are coming to plan, be patient and keep all thoughts pure.