EA034 - Communicate


Hello Son,


Whenever we feel down and the emotion has been the same for some time, then it is time to talk to someone or change the surrounding atmosphere. It is no use trying to pretend that everything is okay when it is not.

We have to be honest with ourselves that we need help as something’s has to change. Otherwise the same old emotions will repeat over and over again in the back of our mind like a tape recorder.

As our conscious and how we think is changing, due to the awakening, we can reflect quickly on things. Realise that things cannot be the same as before and do something about it.

Firstly, we should talk to someone to get another perspective and some ideas on what to do next. Then make the necessary changes as long as you feel good about it.

Remember the feelings we have when something happens correctly and the joy we feel afterwards? It is this type of emotion we should be feeling regularly. We accept that on occasions due to outside interference or from others it’s like this all the time. However, feeling happy and content, is what we should all seek, so do not be afraid of making changes to your life.

New ideas give way to new emotions and patterns of thinking.

A change of scenery gives rise to different joyous feelings.

Have faith in yourselves and decide on what you can do and not on what cannot be done, then make subtle changes.

The Creator is behind you and will never let you fail or put you down. This is your time to shine as you move ever so closely to the fifth conscious awakening. There is so much love from the Creator at this current time, encouraging you all to change and see the truth.

Communicate regularly with family and friends and share ideas. Support each other as you take stock of your life. Always remember that you are special in the eyes of the Lord Creator.

Your mother supporting all of you during this sometimes chaotic period of your lives; may the Creator shine ideas into your minds, to encourage the bravery we all have to make changes.