EA033 - Feelings


Hello Son,


There are two emotional states, one of the mind and the other of the soul. It is why we have different types of dreams depending on our emotional state. Sometimes we dream about families and places we know of. This is because the mind is using our memory to visually display these images on the retina of the eye when we sleep.

On different occasions we dream about places we have never seen yet we feel comfortable as though we know those places. This is because the soul has visited these places before on its travels.

In both emotional states we use different parts of the brain. However, when we deeply feel or experience anxiety or worry, it is the soul that feels it first before the logic mind.

In other words we can say that all feelings are feelings of the soul. It is telling you how it is experiencing at an instant.

Life is full of emotions and it is the soul that sometimes becomes stressed depending on our worldly state of affairs. It warns and guides us at the same time to help the material body through its journey of life on this planet.

It is natural to say that mankind is not designed to go through intense stress in ones life. It is this very reason we become ill and it is the soul that too becomes ill. The soul immediately tells the logic mind to rid itself of his state of emotion.

There are different types of feelings, some can be instructions to advise us to do an action or make a judgement that will be better for that person. All this comes from the soul and through the higher self.

Your mother who advises all to understand deeply your own emotional feelings.