EA032 - Difference between Spirit guide and higher self


Hello Son,

Difference between Spirit guide and higher self

When a person makes a connection with their higher self, it is a connection with their soul.

The mind is materialistic and logic that deals with all worldly affairs only thinking of this realm. Any decision making, planning ideas are made using this conscious state.

When we sleep our fourth dimensional realm or dream world becomes active and this is another conscious state; however, we are mainly observing as this realm we watch our soul journey to distant places in a matter of seconds.

When we silence our minds and listen, another conscious state becomes active, however this not necessarily happens to everybody. It is this state when we communicate with our soul we call channelling. This term is widely used and accepted.

This communication with the soul we call the higher self or even super conscious state. The soul is unpolluted with worldly or emotions so is able to give the correct advice or knowledge.

All communication is dependent on the abilities or what level of understanding a person has. A person can channell but another can channell another type of knowledge according to his understanding. The soul and higher self can only communicate due to the level of understanding of that person.

When we gain the trust of the Creator, we then start learning through our spirit guide who acts as a teacher and sponsor. Every person on the plane has a spirit guide whether we know it or not. In some cases a person can have several different spirit guides.

I as your mother, Ascended Master Baba Aulia and the Prophet Jesus are all your main spirit guides. At present you have a connection with me, which you have made from the beginning. Your task and mission which you asked the Creator to awaken your family and extended family is now to awaken mankind. This new task started in August.

Your mother defining the knowledge inherited within the heart; awakened by the connection with your higher self.